Public procurement: the loaves

(Shawinigan) Could it create one day a procurement system in the Mauricie? Friday morning, the leaders of these five entities in the region have conducted a first class launch, in Shawinigan, in a spirit of collaboration that promises fruitful.
The event brought together the Heads of Public Mékinac markets (Saint-Tite), Yamachiche, Saint-Élie-de-Caxton, Saint-Narcisse and obviously Shawinigan, the group dean with the start of its 114th season, but above all, its 50th in the San Marco neighborhood.

Norman Houle, regional director of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of Quebec, beamed seeing this harvest procurement take their roots all over the region.

“I am convinced that there are a bunch of people going to learn that there are five public procurement in the Mauricie region,” he smiled. “Together, these markets will create a dynamic and positive goodwill.”

Mr. Houle says that in Quebec, the number of public contracts has doubled since 2007, from 65-130.

“It’s not a fad, but a tidal wave,” he predicted. “Across the world, companies are looking to give their people the products in which it is recognized.”

“I started it 20 years ago and at that time, there was no public market in the Maskinongé RCM,” said Guy Fradette, president of the Regional Agri Cooperative of the Maskinongé RCM, which includes the Saint-Élie-de-Caxton and Yamachiche markets.

“The only place I could go was to Godefroy Market. He accepted that some merchants of the north shore, which was normal since it was established to the south shore. Today, announcing themselves to five, it shows people that there are, public procurement in the Mauricie! ”

Each representative gave an overview of the activities planned during the summer. The public market Shawinigan is the only group to open the year. He Yamachiche begin operations this June 11 and will don every Saturday until August 27. The market Mékinac launch operations on June 25 and then offer its products on alternate Saturdays, until October 1. A special activity is planned on 4 September and the place will also be open during the Festival Western de Saint-Tite, from 9 to 18 September.

Saint-Elie-de-Caxton open its public market every Sunday, starting June 26 Finally, the Farmer’s Market of Saint-Narcisse will launch its first season on 3 July.

Slight delay

Maple producers come off a record season in Mauricie, but spring a little late causes slight delays for some producers. Nothing serious however, as for now, everything indicates that the quality and quantity will be waiting for you.

“It’s going quite well,” says Jean-Marie Giguère, President of the Union of Agricultural Producers of the Mauricie. “We have suffered temperature drops in the last days, but it has not frozen. Wood is key not that happening, because it is the mortal element! If it does not freeze strawberries in the region will be constantly on the shelves. ”

“Normally, our gardeners arrive in mid-June, but they told us it would be a week later because the temperature has not been kind,” says Alain Richard, chairman of the Public Market Shawinigan.

“If we look at the past few years, the season continues,” notes Linda McCulloch, head of the Farmer’s Market of Saint-Narcisse. In these circumstances, late departures are less affected.

“At Saint-Elie, we have no concern, since berries are out,” notes Caroline Langlois, representative of the local market.

Elise Gauthier, President of Mékinac Market, welcomes the fact that no fewer than 27 dealers will join the concept after three years exploratory across the territory. Saint-Tite proved the privileged place.

“We have a duty to discover our producers, whose life does not end on 1 October, when the market closes!” Said Ms. Gauthier.

And Three Rivers?
The Regional Director of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Norman Houle, sincerely hope that in a not too distant future, a Trois-Rivières promoter will join those procurement Mauricie for launch a season.

“We speak regularly,” he smiled. “Sometimes I hear business and I text Yves (Levesque). He speaks sponsors … We know we will hang at some point. It is not known when or where really … The proposal of Hangar No. 1, I like it. When we look at cities around the world, we were able to take old industrial buildings, revamp them and hand them to the public for use in today’s life. I am convinced that food can play a role in that. ”

Mr. Houle notes that a market in Three Rivers also could be used as a distribution center for local producers.

“As in many areas, we have too many trucks on the highway,” said the regional director. “We have a challenge of distribution and public large market. In Trois-Rivières, we cruise passengers, a city which has won awards. We have everything we need. Moreover, I am convinced that a public market in Trois-Rivières definitely detract experiences of other markets. ”

Mr. Houle however appropriate that there should be a dialogue with the Godefroy Market, so that the two entities does not hurt too much. But first, we must find the spark, he summarizes.

“Neither the MAPAQ or the City are developers,” says Houle. “We want a developer comes up with the right ideas, the right place and the right time. We will be there!”

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