Public holidays in Ukraine: a calendar for 2019

Праздничные выходные дни в Украине: календарь на 2019 год

Although the Ukrainians are considered to be hardworking people, but holiday weekends are glad, even more than others. Officially in 2019, the state has implemented 11 such a long-awaited extraordinary days of rest.

The contents

  • 1 January weekend in Ukraine to 2019
  • 2 March weekend
  • 3 April weekend
  • 4 May holidays, changes in legislation
  • 5 Weekend in June
  • 6 Weekend in August
  • 7 October weekend
  • 8 December weekend
  • 9 How are the transfers on weekends
  • 10 Why so few holidays, which give time off
  • 11 Small conclusion

Holiday calendar — stipulated in the state schedule of special holidays for the working class. Of course, to force a private company to make their employees the day off, the state can not, but all respectable companies implement the right employees. If a person has to go to work on a holiday, provide him an extra day off another day.

If a holiday falls on Saturday, Sunday, or labor contract, a day off, holiday time off is not “burnt”, but simply transferred to the next working day.

Праздничные выходные дни в Украине: календарь на 2019 год

In 2019 include a holiday weekend (8 state and 3 Christian):

  • January 1 — celebrate the New year (falls on Tuesday);
  • 7 January — Christmas (Monday);
  • March 8 — men “roll up sleeves” and empty purses, after all, celebrating international women’s day (Friday);
  • 28 April — Orthodox world celebrates Easter (in 2019 it fell on Sunday);
  • 1 may Ukraine celebrates Labor Day, a holiday that the working class likes best, because he is devoted to them (Wednesday);
  • May 9 — despite a number of scandals, this day is celebrated the Day of Victory over Nazi Germany in world war II (Thursday);
  • June 16 — the greatest Christian feast of Trinity, on this day, according to biblical laws, work is generally prohibited (in 2019 this Holy day fell on Sunday);

Праздничные выходные дни в Украине: календарь на 2019 год

  • 28 June — the national holiday created in honor of one of the most important documents around the world — Constitution Day (Friday);
  • August 24 — Independence Day is a national Ukrainian holiday, during which the patriots host a Grand parade with military equipment, prepare fireworks, concerts (Saturday);
  • October 14 — day of the defender, in 2019, the stereotype that this holiday is only for men, gradually loses its meaning, because servicemen and women, including in the area of ATO, is becoming more and more (Monday);
  • December 25 — Catholic Christmas (at least in Ukraine and not many Catholics, as Orthodox Christians, to give a tribute to tradition and miss another day of work no one is against), noted on Wednesday.

Праздничные выходные дни в Украине: календарь на 2019 год

January weekends in Ukraine to 2019

For the New year, the government provided three days of rest in a row. From 31 December to 2 January inclusive. If you require testing at a festive absenteeism, costs to implement them in advance (for example, in the previous Saturday). So, in 2019, the “New” fell on a Tuesday so liberated workers from Monday to Thursday and testing was carried out on Saturday 29 December.

7 January Orthodox Christmas (which in 2019 have successfully fallen on “unloved” Monday), the workers were able to safely visit the Church, spend a little time with friends in a warm cozy environment, exchange gifts and rejoice the birth of the Son of God.

Праздничные выходные дни в Украине: календарь на 2019 год

The March weekend

Man’s care, warmth and affection, gifts and Breakfast in bed, nice words and lots of Goodies — waiting for March 8 all girls of Ukraine and around the world. International women’s day in 2019 fell on Friday, so managed to take a break for three consecutive days (8 through 10 inclusive).

Праздничные выходные дни в Украине: календарь на 2019 год

April weekend

The eternal tradition to decorate boiled eggs and test them for strength in battle is realized on 28 April for Easter. In 2019, the day fell on a Sunday, so the day off was moved to Monday (holiday turned from 27 to 29 inclusive).

Праздничные выходные дни в Украине: календарь на 2019 год

May holidays, changes in legislation

Oddly enough, labor Day, which is celebrated on may 1, decided to conduct without a job, receiving an extraordinary output. In 2019 to fit by the weekend, this time off did not work, and the release from work had on the environment.

Another Grand celebration, as well as the epicenter of a national scandal, was the may 9 victory Day, which fell on Thursday. Ukrainian Institute of national memory created a bill which proposes to amend the state calendar is to move the output from 9 to 8 may. In addition, it is planned to change the status 8 March, investing there is a meaning.

As for 8 may, is now a Day of remembrance and reconciliation. Sounds constructive and tolerant as befits a modern civilized country.

Regarding March 8, the new status of women’s struggle for their rights, instead of “International women’s day”, which is considered to be a relic of the Soviet past.

Праздничные выходные дни в Украине: календарь на 2019 год

Weekend in June

In total, the falls June 12 weekend. This month, each year Ukrainians are waiting for the greatest Christian feast of the Trinity. This Holy day is celebrated on 16 June. In 2019 he symbolically fell on Sunday. So, workers got an additional day off in the “unloved” Monday.

Also this month Ukraine as an independent sovereign state celebrates Constitution Day. 28 June 2019 fell on Friday, so the Ukrainians can relax three days in a row (28 to 30 June inclusive).

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Праздничные выходные дни в Украине: календарь на 2019 год

Weekend in August

The Grand national holiday of Ukraine celebrates on August 24 — Independence Day. In 2019 President Vladimir Zelensky updated the format of the celebration instead of the traditional demonstrations of power, was held a solemn parade and a number of other, less expensive than ever, events. For comparison, in 2018, only one rehearsal was spent hundreds of tons of diesel fuel, which is burned military equipment. Officials amount is not known, but according to estimates of some experts, from the pocket of our army took about 700 million hryvnia.

In 2019, the Independence Day fell on a Saturday. Additional holiday time off sloggers received August 26, Monday.

Праздничные выходные дни в Украине: календарь на 2019 год

October weekend

In 2014, with the advent of the war in Ukraine, at the legislative level, found that October 14th will be the Day of defender of Ukraine. So, for 5 years we have an extra day off (in 2019 it falls on a Monday). On this day we congratulate everyone men, as it was on February 23. The phrase “defender of the homeland” refers to a completely different, more practical meaning. Postavlyaetsya our soldiers ATO (men and women) on whose shoulders rests the peaceful sky of the whole country.

Праздничные выходные дни в Украине: календарь на 2019 год

December weekend

Before the new year, 25 Dec among Catholics decided to celebrate Christmas. The Orthodox also have a positive attitude towards extra vacation day (because he’s the only one in December) and don’t mind a festive table cover. But at the same time, this initiative did not appear at the state level only in 2017. Most often, Christmas Catholics prepare each other gifts, go to Church and pray. In 2019 the Catholic Christmas fell on Wednesday.

Let’s look a little ahead — the New year in January 2020 fell on Wednesday, so you should plan a “practicing” beforehand. For example, if you work for 16 days instead of 8 hours for 10 (or go 4 weeks on Saturdays), it is possible for the new year to liberate yourself 9 days (from Saturday 27 December to Monday 5 January), and it if has only 1 official day off.

Праздничные выходные дни в Украине: календарь на 2019 год

How are the transfers on weekends

If public holidays falls on the usual weekend, they often carry forward on the next working day. For example, if a person standard weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and the holiday fell on a Saturday, then the output will be on Monday. Rarely carry celebration “back”, for example, from Saturday to Friday.

It is worth noting that only the state compensatory time off is subject to extraordinary output, so no need to hope that the employer will let you work in the birthday or other similar occasion. The working hours provided in the employment contract. Only if the document has a “floating rules” which do not provide for strict control of labor time, you can count on time off.

Праздничные выходные дни в Украине: календарь на 2019 год

Why so few holidays, which give time off

Many people who like to relax ask the question: “Why are there so many holidays and so little output?” If you miss work for any reason, the work just will not have time, because only one November, there are about 26 holidays. Is the number of reasons some workers use as an excuse to the question “why are you drunk”.

Праздничные выходные дни в Украине: календарь на 2019 год

A small conclusion

11 extra days off a year to allow workers to rest a little from the grey everyday routine. Holidays you can afford to be with family, walk with friends, to devote himself to business concerns, or just go to a cafe. Many take summer vacation, and January gives additional opportunities to miss 2-3 working day.

National restructuring makes its own rules and some of the holidays got under reformatting. So the holiday in March, “international women’s day” loses its status, acquiring a new — “women fight for their rights.” A lot of scandals broke out around 9 may.

Holidays and weekends are seriously engaged state, and in 2020, experts predict a new set of changes.