Psychologists have figured out how to treat pathological love

Психологи выяснили, как лечить патологическую любовь

Psychologists have recognized the addicted to love pathology and find out how to treat it

As a rule, love addiction occurs when the person does not understand his life without another person with the aim of sincere service to him or her. That is, their needs are not only not satisfied in this case, but even relegated to the second, third, tenth plan.

American scientists have talked about how to deal with amorous feelings that can spill over into mental disorder. According to experts, today the most often from love addiction or pathological love suffer the young people.

Психологи выяснили, как лечить патологическую любовь

Thus, almost 25% of College students admitted to this disorder, whereas the average among the population it affects only 3-10%. Currently, physicians and scientists have not come to a consensus as to what constitutes love addiction.

Some believe that her symptoms are mood swings. Other experts believe that love addiction is reflected in the obsessive-compulsive spectrum disorders. So, people suffering from this illness have maladaptive behavior, excessive interest in a partner and refuse all interests not related to the chosen one.

Психологи выяснили, как лечить патологическую любовь

Zelensky said the chief secret of his love: “it took 8 years.”

It is on the pathological attachment, it must be distinguished from other mental States, including disorders of the psyche. A model of such behavior, experts say, does not always end the manifestations. It has a form of attention, and in the Intrusive form. This is the result of loss of self-control. Psychologists point to the impulsive nature of human and informed search them with rewards.

While love addiction is not treated with medications. Psychosocial intervention helps in this segment. Experts point to cognitive behavioral therapy, she is in the course of the observations showed positive results.

Психологи выяснили, как лечить патологическую любовь

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But if pathological love to be perceived as a drug or alcohol dependency, farmacologia can have a very important influence on the course of love addiction and the development of sustainable self-esteem.

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