Psychologists call emotion, which destroys much health

Психологи назвали эмоцию, которая сильно разрушает здоровье

Some emotional habits are not only bad for psychological health

Scientists have found that the immune system will be strong, and heart — healthy to old age, depends on how vindictive people.

The journal Psychological Science said about the new project, researchers from the University of California and identified a similar pattern. Conclusions of scientists are based on the results of the data analysis 1000 middle-aged Americans.

Психологи назвали эмоцию, которая сильно разрушает здоровье

In the experiment, these people for several days was interviewed scientists in the field of negative emotions — feelings of loneliness, anger, irritation, fear. The participants ‘ health was reconfirmed by specialists in 10 years.

Comparing the data with a difference in ten years, the researchers made an interesting conclusion: it appears that people who could not let go of their unpleasant experiences, had more problems with health and with the heart in the future.

“Those who get hung up on small problems and could not get rid of related senses, through the decades of health was, on average, significantly worse than their peers who were treated to abuse and adversity easily,” — said, in particular , the authors of the work.

Commenting on correlation, the study’s lead author Kate Ledger noticed that people often perceive as a health-destroying factors any severe events — for example, death or divorce. However, can negatively affect the health of the daily problems, stress-related, he said. If “stuck” on these issues, and immerse yourself in related experiences, health will inevitably suffer.

“Health is the most favorable strategy” let it happen and will be forgotten,” said the psychologist.

Психологи назвали эмоцию, которая сильно разрушает здоровье

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