Provocation and black PR: as the candidates lie to the people of Slavyansk

Провокации и черный пиар: как кандидаты в нардепы врут жителям Славянска

After winning Nedawi, setting compensation for destroyed homes, opponents staged a provocation against the candidate

According to the publication Karachun, early Parliamentary elections in constituency 47, and especially on the territory of Slavyansk for some candidates became an occasion to work out all dirty technologies tutorial black PR, and suffer from it in the first place, the residents of our area who have appeared in hostages of unfair competition and misinformation.

So, in the night of 17 to 18 July in Slavyansk in a huge number were posted fake posters “8 Nedawi laws” aimed to mislead the voters by convincing them in alleged connection Nedava Oleg, head of the Donetsk regional headquarters of the party “Our land” and the candidate for people’s deputies on the district 47, with the ex-President of Petro Poroshenko.

Oleg Nedava actually used a similar design of posters, presenting their 8 the draft bill, but none of the actual laws Nedawi on the fake printing of the opponents are presented.

By the way, as reported, one of the promised Medavoy bills – on chemical castration of pedophiles – have been adopted by the Verkhovna Rada last Friday

In addition, this Monday, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has supported the appeal of Oleg Nedava and approved the mechanism of monetary compensation for residents of Donbass, whose homes were destroyed or damaged due to hostilities.

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Obviously, opponents Nedawi considered it a direct threat, and resorted to mislead the residents of the district.

Addressing the candidates from our district, I would like to wish the voters of Slavic, and Slavic Alexander areas: compete actions, not provocations.

Note also that this dirty technology was used by the competitor after media reports of the latest results of sociological research conducted by the Kiev Institute: according to them, Nedava leader in the County, outpacing his nearest opponent by 6.6%.