Protection from cancer and not only: what are the advantages of organic products

Защита от рака и не только: в чем преимущества органических продуктов

Scientists told about the benefits of eating organic food, which we found out in the course of the study

Scientists from France have said that people eating a large number of so-called organic food, 25 percent less likely to develop cancer compared with people with a different diet (they either haven’t eaten organic food, or treated completely without them). These are the findings of recent epidemiological studies.

Защита от рака и не только: в чем преимущества органических продуктов

The authors of the new work almost five years watched about 69 thousands of volunteers from France. Study participants filled out a questionnaire about your diet. The scientists also studied data on the health of people.

It turned out that organic food (that is grown without the use of pesticides, growth regulators, antibiotics, and other such substances) markedly reduced the risk of breast cancer occurring after menopause, and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

A little less effect the food had on other types of cancer, such as prostate cancer and colon cancer.

Believed to decrease the risk of cancer in people who eat a large amount of organic products can be explained by the lower impact on their bodies of residue from the common pesticides.

Authors of the study point to several shortcomings of their work: in particular, the short time of observation and the potential impact of other lifestyle factors.

It is noteworthy that many experts questioned the conclusions of the work. They point to a number of other factors that could affect the risk of developing the disease, which was not taken into consideration.

Защита от рака и не только: в чем преимущества органических продуктов

“As expected, participants who consume organic foods were, on average, more educated, had higher incomes and were more healthy way of life,” said Rog Erie (Eri Raj) from the University of Tasmania.

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