Promote the Fund entrusted to MMCQ

vice-premiere-ministre-lise-theriault(Becancour) “I have already said and I repeat, once the analysis of the midterm evaluations will be completed, I am quite open to the idea of ​​reviewing the criteria for different diversification fund that exist at present. “

The Deputy Prime Minister Lise Theriault made the statement Thursday during the announcement of a partnership agreement between the Government of Quebec and Canadian Manufacturers of the Mauricie and Centre-du-Quebec (MMCQ) to promote precisely this program of $ 200 million from the manufacturers of these two regions.

“By this fall, we will be able to see if we touch the criteria,” she said while talking to a tool that is already flexible and accessible.

Asked about the appropriateness of using this package for the redevelopment of Sainte-Angele dock, the Minister responsible for SMEs responded that this is a non-profit organization entirely permissible. “And the time to make the necessary adjustments, there are people working,” she gave as an example the impact of the employment.

For the latter, aid to the Becancour Regional Corporation is not a consolation prize. “There was no reason to say no to that project. And tourism development is recognized as one of the levers of economic development, “added Ms. Thériault.

On site, the member for Nicolet-Becancour, Donald Martel, said he was surprised that this type of project to be funded by the Diversification Fund. “It’s a great project, I’m glad. But I just find it curious that the money does not come from the funds of the Maritime Strategy, “he said.

Moreover, he was allowed to learn that since the establishment of the Diversification Fund, more than $ 72 million was injected into 162 projects, representing over $ 262 million of total investment, in addition to creating 3678 and consolidate jobs on both sides of the river.

“In 2015, my predecessor Jean-Denis Girard announced major adjustments in the governance of the fund and the project approval process to improve efficiency,” she recalled.

Citing a recent economic study by Desjardins, Ms. Theriault has not failed to report the favorable economic outlook for the Centre-du-Quebec region for 2016 “and more for 2017”.

“We are pleased to have now on the engagement and collaboration of members of MMCQ to increase awareness to manufacturers this important economic growth driver. Indeed, our regions need the valuable contribution of determined and bold enterprises, such as those who promote Quebec’s manufacturing sector, to diversify and further strengthen their economies “, said the Deputy Prime Minister Lise Theriault.

The combination of MMCQ represents nearly 550 companies and manufacturing SMEs from these regions. As part of the partnership agreement with the Ministry of Economy, Science and Innovation, the organization is committed to promoting the Fund of $ 200 million in social networks and newsletters for to its members, as well as at targeted events.

“The MMCQ constitute a privileged link to join the manufacturers leaders. We will promote the resources available to the two regions in order to allow the emergence of innovative and structuring projects “, said the President, Donald Michaud.

After a busy year, his group is preparing to celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2017. In addition, a new niche of excellence Agreement – design and manufacture of machinery and components – should be installed in the metal sector.

Finally, the co-development of a diagnostic tool on risk, for business leaders, will be started while the establishment of a watch manufacturing system and a new manufacturing portal are on the drawing board.

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