Promising debut VoiceFest

coeur-pirate-scene-voix-populaires(Trois-Rivieres) Does the VoiceFest could have hoped for better conditions to launch its first weekend activities? The Director General Thomas Gregory does not believe him. Various artists and expected, a temperature that more lenient: it was enough for the VoiceFest hosts one of the largest crowds of his existence.

The Cowboys Fringants can boast of having managed to fill to overflowing the Port of Trois-Rivières. Last year, their presence on the scene of the popular voice had attracted a large crowd, but it was nothing against the deluge spectators Saturday night. “Our site was filled to the brim. We had to adjust. This is one of the most impressive crowds I’ve ever seen

VoiceFest “suggests Thomas Gregory. At the very least, it is estimated that over 15,000 people attended the show.

With a passport pre surpassing that of last year, the organization hoped such a crowd that was nevertheless beyond expectations. “We knew we would have a lot of people. In addition, the weather factor was favorable, yet we had more people than previously thought, “says Thomas Gregory.

He said the VoiceFest offers an atmosphere and incomparable scenery. “It’s not just about music, it also depends on the place in which the offer,” he said, crossing the gaze the scene of Many Voices. Surrounded by trees, the scene managed to create a certain intimacy with the artists who perform there. This is also where Isabelle Boulay came to deposit the notes Serge Reggiani Saturday’s directory. A moment that Thomas Gregory calls “magical”.

Sunday is Coeur de Pirate was expected on the big stage while the QW4RTZ group occurred on the stage of Many Voices.

The festivities were launched on June 24 with a list of guests for any Francophone celebrate St. John the Baptist. This is the calendar that allowed the National Day is part of the programming VoiceFest. For the occasion, admission was free. “Maybe this will be a unique opportunity, but in any case, it was a great good start. Our outdoor sites were blue and white, “says the CEO.

“For us, the French music is very important that there are any. We want people to discover artists, but they can see the artists they love, both Anglophone and Francophone. It is a happy mix, “he notes.

Hangar No. 1: a success

As for the presence of the hangar choral Voice No. 1, it is clear that lent itself well location. “It is a place of heritage. This is not a place that was originally made for the shows, but eventually it lends itself very well. The acoustics are exceptional, “says Mr. Gregory.

It was the first time that the Hangar 1 opened its doors to the public and the initiative was well received by the public. “It’s magic, it’s like a cathedral. It was moving to see this music in that place. ”

Mr. Gregory admits having himself made a small tear at the first concert. “It’s a little offbeat place is unusual. There is emotion and that’s what we try to create. This is again, “says the Director General, recalling that Voxart and Chanteclair respectively Choir perform there Saturday and Sunday.

Big names are still expected this week on different stages of VoiceFest, starting with the presence of Kevin Bazinet, winner of The Voice 2015 on the stage of the popular Voice Tuesday. This is the duo

2Frères who will tread the boards of the stage of Many Voices. Wednesday are Philippe Brach and Bernard Adamus will occupy the stage Popular Voice. The Wall Theatre Experience, Patrick Norman, Cain and Bears of Legend complete the programming.

As for Hedley and Jean-Pierre Ferland, they will close the last weekend of VoiceFest activities.

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