Prohibited cemetery in Gorlovka enveloped hell, people are unable to visit the graves of relatives: the video horror

Запрещенное кладбище в Горловке окутал "ад", люди не смогли навестить могилы родных: видео ужаса

In the Internet appeared the video “tour” on Michurinsky cemetery in Gorlovka for those who can’t come to the city

Gorlovchanin, the author of the Youtube channel “Mikhail Svetlov” has shown the cemetery of the village of the mine Izotov. Recall, it is included in the list of places with high risk of “”

The author offers a look at the video. It will be especially interesting to people who are unable to memorial day to visit the graves of relatives.

Filmed live on Monday, may 6th. In it the author advises not to visit the cemetery as it is very dangerous. It should be noted that the cemetery is currently closed as located almost on the boundary line. Very close gunfire can be heard.

Запрещенное кладбище в Горловке окутал "ад", люди не смогли навестить могилы родных: видео ужаса

“On-site may be unexploded shells, stretching and anti-personnel mines. To see them in untended areas is almost impossible. But I tried to look down, to at least not get bogged down in the mire of clay that is everywhere (recently in Horlivka was a heavy downpour),” says Svetlov.

In addition, the blogger reports the General condition of the cemetery. According to him, it is quite abysmal as in some places the waste heap completely engulfed the benches and tables.

“The near corner of the cemetery buried in debris flows from the waste heaps, in some places the layer of silt engulfed the benches and almost reached the tables. About two-thirds of the Central alley cleared by a bulldozer, at the end naginata a pile of dirt, and even further — last year’s pile, combined with the garbage. Behind the cemetery, in a field, lots of signs, “Stop! Mines”. The city administration categorically against visiting the cemetery, as reads the sign at the entrance. The number of destroyed tombstones is increasing every year, alas. Unpleasant surprise dumps garbage on other people’s unkempt graves left behind by those who care for the graves of their relatives,” said Svetlov.

At the end he asked people to respect their ancestors and “someone else’s memory!”

Recall that in a network there were horrific photos of the occupied city Gorlovka in the Donbass.

As reported Politeka, in the area of operations of the combined forces recently really escalated the situation around Gorlovka, because the city has a special significance.

Also Politeka wrote that about the promotion of the APU in Gorlovka told the volunteer on the front lines.