Professional college loans to leverage for September

cegep-chicoutimi-saguenaySome 700 professional colleges considering using pressure tactics including a strike, during re-entry, if they fail by then to reach an agreement in principle with Quebec.

These 700 professionals in higher education are members of the Union of Professional of the Government of Quebec, one of the few still have not managed to renew its collective agreements with the Quebec government.

They work in 16 colleges or colleges of a total of 45, and in several regions of Quebec. They are mainly counselors, school counselors and analysts in IT processes.

During an interview Thursday, President SPGQ, Richard Perron, noted that the issue of recognition and salary treatment for academic advisors was at the heart of the dispute, since with the new salary structure of government, consultants teaching may end up with less pay than teachers of the same level at the end of the collective agreement in 2019.

The union therefore is that it is corrected.

“The fundamental terms of the new 2015-2020 agreement are still unresolved. The stakes of this negotiation as salary relativity, non-recognition of belonging to higher education and wage discrimination against women do not get any positive response from the employer at the bargaining table, “complains Mr. Perron.

It says its members are willing to resort to pressure tactics including a strike in colleges, as of September if the negotiation does not evolve favorably by then.

“Strike, protest, of course you will encounter inside information to give the surprise maximum. But there are decisions that have been taken and there will be strike actions, events and other complaints, which will be engaged from the fall, if the situation does not release “warns union leader.

SPGQ has 24 000 members, including 17,000 in the public sector, 4500 and 2500 to Revenu Quebec in the field of health, higher education and in state companies.

Relevant professionals working in colleges or colleges located in the following regions: Abitibi-Temiscamingue, Alma, Andre-Laurendeau, Bois-de-Boulogne, Chicoutimi, Gaspesie and Iles, Jonquiere, Lanaudiere, Levis-Lauzon, Montmorency, Thetford-Mines Rosemont CEGEP-distance, Sainte-Foy, St-Hyacinthe, Saint-Laurent and Trois-Rivieres.

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