Products that absolutely can not combine

Let’s analyze what foods not to combine.

Продукти, які категорично не можна поєднувати

Nutritionists say that there are combination products, which in any case cannot be combined. Because they can cause weight gain, indigestion, fermentation, constipation, putrefaction and gas formation, which subsequently leads to development of various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Animal protein and starch. Products such as cheese, fish, seafood, eggs and meat are perfectly combined only with vegetables. With the exception of food containing starch: potatoes, corn, and bread and pasta. If you like to eat bread with meat, instead of a neutral environment, you will get gas and stomach discomfort.

The meat and cheese. Cheese slows down digestion of meat, and the meat – cheese. So we do not get any nutrients and stop your digestion, informs Rus.Media.

Fish and eggs. Together they do not combine and create indigestion. Eat them separately, and replace the eggs with vegetables.

Tea and a croissant. Surprised? Because most accustomed to Breakfast tea that is a croissant. Tea has tannins, which do not allow to absorb vitamins, and also affect the process of digestion of croissant. Replace tea for coffee and delicious, and not harmful.

Yogurt and kiwi. Unexpectedly, this tandem in the list of harmful combinations. It is always on store shelves you can find a box or a bottle of yogurt with a yummy sticker kiwi. But the enzymes that are so rich in kiwi, contribute to the degradation of milk protein and therefore make yogurt bitter and harmful.

Melon and milk. Well, it’s not surprising. But there are fans of the exotic. However, remember that from the mixture of these two products can produce a very severe diarrhea, so replace milk with something else. Or eat a melon, as a separate product, private meal.

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The wine and cake. Often when we go to visit, buy a bottle of good wine and something sweet: a cake or brownie. However, this combination is harmful for health, because alcohol and sugar increase the level of glucose in the blood, affect the pancreas and reduce digestion. Use these products separately.

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