Products in Ukraine soared in price: it has risen in price

Продукты в Украине резко взлетели в цене: что подорожало

Last month social products rose by 87%

Most grew traditional vegetables.

Onion price increased 63.8%. Cabbage — 52.8%, carrots — by 30.1%, potatoes — by 23.4%, beet — by 19.1%, thought the Association of suppliers of retail chains.

Steadily more expensive bread. Wheat flour first grade has added 1.4%, rye — by 1.3%, white flour and 1.2%, bread — 1%.

Dairy products rose in value from 0.4% to 0.6%. All groceries went up 0.1% to 4.6%. However, the figure fell by 0.5%. Buckwheat and oil became more expensive on 0,1%, sugar — by 0.3%, semolina — 0,5%, pasta — by 1%. Millet added 4.6 percent. It holds the record for more expensive among all social products over the last 5 years.

Продукты в Украине резко взлетели в цене: что подорожало

In April has fallen in price eggs — 5.2%. The apples fell in price by 0.8%, beef — by 0.3%.

“April consumer inflation is significant, although the lowest in the last 5 years. The task is to keep it at the level of 6.3%, as laid down in the budget of 2019, almost unreal. The IMF this year given a forecast 7% increase in prices, have for the first quarter of 8.6%. Last year, inflation amounted to 9.8%”, — says Alexey Doroshenko, Director of the Association.

Over the weekend, greenhouse cucumbers fell by half. In the wholesale markets cucumbers sell for 10-15 UAH/kg. last year they were more expensive. In early may of 2018 vegetables sold at the 19 to 22 UAH/kg.

Продукты в Украине резко взлетели в цене: что подорожало

Recently it became known that the ingredients for the vinaigrette for the year rose by as much as 40%. About this on his page in Facebook wrote the CEO of the Association of retail suppliers Oleksiy Doroshenko.

According to the expert, the most striking is the increase in onion prices – by 3.3 times. Potatoes have increased in price 47%, beet – 58%, carrot – 50%, eggs – 18%, sunflower oil – 5%.

Also Alexey Doroshenko said that Ukraine will rise in price of flour in April – at 1-1,5%.

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