Products in Ukraine is much more expensive, it’s time to prepare for the worst: details

Продукты в Украине сильно подорожают, пора готовиться к худшему: подробности

The rise in price fall will affect the products of the so-called “social basket”

Ukrainians will face another price hike of basic products of the so-called “social basket”. About it reports “RBC-Ukraine” with reference to experts.

The article said that the rise in prices will occur despite the strengthening of the hryvnia on the currency market and a good harvest of many crops, particularly grain.

And if, in August 2019 the record was the potato — its price in late summer ranged on the values of 20-22 hryvnia per kilo in the winter, the experts foresee a rise in prices and other products.

Продукты в Украине сильно подорожают, пора готовиться к худшему: подробности

According to General Director of Ukrainian Association of trade networks suppliers Oleksiy Doroshenko, in August 2019 compared with July, the cost of social basket has increased by 55% the increase involving 17 products.

Doroshenko sure that the fall of inflation is 3%, approximately the same on average, more expensive food. While bread and vegetables are the leaders in price growth.

The rise in prices of potatoes can be explained by the poor harvest in the current year, against which Ukraine started active import of potatoes from Belarus, which can be bought for a couple of hryvnia cheaper.

Продукты в Украине сильно подорожают, пора готовиться к худшему: подробности

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Human greed is also referred to as one of the reasons for the rise in price of potatoes. So, in the Ukrainian Association of potato producers claim that though the harvest this year and not the best but far from disastrous. One of the reasons for the price spikes is the excitement and willingness of dealers to make money.

Earlier it was reported that in Ukraine before the end of 2019 will increase prices for basic food products – milk, meat, bread, vegetables. The rate of inflation in the country said the head of the National Council of economic development Alexey Doroshenko.

According to experts, the inflation rate in September will rise, but the rise in price of products will not be significant because “more expensive is nowhere”.

“Dairy production will go up to the end of the year on average by 4% compared to the present day. White and brown bread will rise in price percent to 6. They are one of the leaders of the price increase,” he said.

“Meat is growing this year quite small rate. Only 1% has increased due to the fact that demand is low. Despite the fact that nominally we get more and more, in fact I can’t afford meat. This is constraining the demand, and the meat will rise in price on 1,5-2% until the end of the year, with consumer inflation of 3-3. 5% from September to December,” predicted Doroshenko.

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