Product named, which saves you from colds and fatigue: “it is Useful for children and adults”

Назван продукт, который спасает от простуд и усталости: "Полезно для детей и взрослых"

The experts shared valuable product that is useful for children and adults

Experts in the field of dietetics spoke about the valuable properties of the baked milk, which has a beneficial effect on the human body.

According to experts, regular consumption of dairy product is the prevention of a number of diseases and strengthens the immune system of both adults and children.

Назван продукт, который спасает от простуд и усталости: "Полезно для детей и взрослых"

Milk in the process of heat treatment changes the chemical composition for the better. The number of protein connections is increased 3.5 times, which significantly increases the use of the product. Also increases the level of calcium and magnesium.

In the process of a 6 hour exposure to low temperatures in milk, is an Association of carbohydrates and amino acids, which gives the drink a sweet flavor and caramel color. Also increases the concentration of mineral compounds and vitamins PP, A, b, E. This set of components helps in the period of seasonal colds, improve the body’s defenses and resist infections.

Iron, sodium, phosphorus, and other nutrients that are present in the scalded milk, is useful in chronic fatigue and reduced vitality. Especially useful to drink a drink to expectant mothers who receive not only valuable substances for the full development of the fruit, but forget about the bouts of morning sickness.

Baked milk is an indispensable product in the diet of children. The drink helps to prevent anemia and to replenish the reserves of calcium in the growing body and improves sleep. Children suffering from lactose intolerance, should limit the consumption of milk. Also, don’t overuse the product of the obese people, since the increase of valuable substances increases the degree of fat dairy product.

Additionally, in recent years, increasingly there is information about the dangers of drinking milk as adults. However, scientists have refuted the well-known myth.

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Was contained in the drink vitamins and minerals have a positive effect regardless of age.

Назван продукт, который спасает от простуд и усталости: "Полезно для детей и взрослых"

The results of these studies clearly indicate the presence in it of the properties necessary for stable functioning of the body both for children and for adults.

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