Product named, which makes it attractive to men: “aroma”

Назван продукт, который делает привлекательным мужчин: "Дело в аромате"

Scientists from Britain have found out what makes a product attractive to women male body

British scientists reported that they were able to prove that garlic is useful not only for human health but in some cases can impact positively on the attractiveness of a person.

Recent experiments in this field have shown that garlic not only enhances immunity, but also improves the body odor of men. At the same time, for women this product is not affected, it has a positive effect only on the body odor of men. It’s all about those anti-bacterial properties of garlic.

Назван продукт, который делает привлекательным мужчин: "Дело в аромате"

During their study, researchers conducted an experiment. They divided a group of volunteers into two categories: the first ate four cloves of garlic, and the other is not. Then the next day, the men interacted with the women and they had to rate how good those smell.

No special flavors men are not used, but it turned out that men who ingested garlic body odor was better than those who did not eat it. According to scientists, it’s in the antibacterial properties of garlic that kills the harmful substances not only inside the organism but also on the skin. After that, body odor is improved because the skin is less harmful bacteria.

Researchers say that it is not necessary to abandon the use of this product because it helps the body resist bacteria and to increase the attractiveness. However, we should not forget about the fact that garlic has a very pleasant fragrance that may not like some people.

Назван продукт, который делает привлекательным мужчин: "Дело в аромате"

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