Product named for reducing the risk of vascular diseases

Назван продукт, снижающий риск болезней сосудов

The American scientists told about the benefits of cheese to extend the life.

Employees health Science center at the University of Texas in Houston have proposed a way to prevent life-threatening vascular pathologies, which is sure to appeal to all. Scientists have advised this is cheese.

“Eating cheese reduces the risk of developing heart and vascular diseases” — such verdict of the experts ended a 27-year study involving almost 3 million people.

The age of the subjects was 65 years and older, problems with the cardiovascular system to the beginning of the experiment was not one of them. During the study died 2 428 people, of whom 833 died as a result of cardiovascular diseases.

A careful study of the factors of death has shown that it is best from a stroke was protected by people with high content of fatty acids in the blood — their risk of dying from stroke was lower by 42%. In particular, the health of the people protected heptadecanoyl acid.

“Our results support evidence that milk fat, contrary to popular belief, does not increase the risk of heart disease or total mortality”, – said on this occasion, the authors of the project.
Note that the results of another study conducted by researchers from Italy published in the journal Nature Medicine, indicate that consumption of cheese can prolong life.

In particular, experimentally cheese helped to increase the lifespan of mice. Experts have linked this effect with the action contained in the product polyamine.


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