PrivatBank was stunned secret solution! Ukrainians are hard-thrown Thunder…a huge scandal

ПриватБанк ошарашил тайным решением! Украинцев жестко кинули...Гремит грандиозный скандал

Now, thanks to the PrivatBank debtors will begin to disturb the collectors

State Bank provoked a scandal, secretly sold to collection companies, about 40 thousand loans to their customers. This is the website of the journalist Alexander Dubinsky and his page in Facebook.

As found by the author, public Privat went to drastic measures in April, immediately after the second round of presidential elections. The decision was made by the head of risk management Larisa Chernyshova with the support of the Deputy head of the Board Galyna Pahachuk, which oversees the management of distressed assets. Now the debts of Ukrainians pass collectors “for 5 kopecks per 1 UAH.”

ПриватБанк ошарашил тайным решением! Украинцев жестко кинули...Гремит грандиозный скандал

“She had just built its Empire on enrichment, where she provides loans and both engaged in their repayments.
“Lorca — the Golden pen”, as they call her staff on the sidelines, monitors the traffic on payment estimates collateral and other property. She chooses the company of the appraisers, as is the Chairman of the relevant Committee itself decides what the amount of credits to pass on to collectors, deceiving all of the Bank’s management Board and the Supervisory Board”, — said Alexander Dubinsky.

The journalist has discovered the formula that guides Larisa Chernyshova. According to him, the more she will be allowed to issue bad loans, the more cheap PrivatBank will be able to sell them to collectors and to obtain a percentage. You plan to sell or transfer in the management of private debt collectors more than 200 thousand individuals in the amount of about 9 billion hryvnia.

ПриватБанк ошарашил тайным решением! Украинцев жестко кинули...Гремит грандиозный скандал

It is noted that the controversial decision to journalists said a source in the Bank. According to him, the total amount of the sold loans totaled UAH 2 billion at a discount of over 95%. The largest part of the accounts on the cards. Debt collection company which bought the debts of clients that can be associated with the Minister of justice of Ukraine Pavel Petrenko.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian debts to PrivatBank grow. So 2018 year loans increased from 237 to 291,9 billion. The customers ‘ debt on individuals credit card loans increased from 30 to 45 billion. 8 billion are debts, porchennye more than 360 days.

Recall, PrivatBank liquidated with the money of millions of depositors.

As reported Politeka, the struggle for Privat will leave Ukrainians without money: millions of depositors at risk.

Also Politeka wrote that Privat caught in a scandal card: “disappeared money”.