PrivatBank was stunned by the attitude of the fighter OOS: “left without money family”

ПриватБанк ошарашил отношением к бойцу ООС: "оставили без денег семью"

Public Privat has run into yet another scandal

This time Privat disgraced disregard for the customer who is serving in the area of environmental protection.

The fighter left on the portal of the Ministry of Finance.

ПриватБанк ошарашил отношением к бойцу ООС: "оставили без денег семью"

According to him, he was forced to come with her office documents, but the Bank employees didn’t care that he is serving in a combat zone.

“A month ago, the Bank claimed that I brought the documents to the Department. Said it was a requirement of the IFIs. But why not alpha not Oshchad do not require documents. The fact that I’m in the military and are in the area of environmental protection(ATO) and next to no outlets, as well as opportunities to travel to the nearest city, your Bank is not worried,” he said.

He also said that faced with a problem when logging into Privat24. Supposedly the number linked to his Bank account was unconfirmed, and now he again from the area of environmental protection to go to the branch of PrivatBank.

“Many years went to Privat24, withdraw money without a card because the card is lost, and then again to confirm. Wrote in the chat, they said I need to go to the ATM or terminal and confirm because he was not financial. The question is why it has become said that perhaps the Bank’s client that has access to my room something was changed. Although access to the room only have me. Now I can’t use their funds. Can’t feed his family. It looks like a mockery. Please understand”, concluded the fighter.

ПриватБанк ошарашил отношением к бойцу ООС: "оставили без денег семью"

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Recall, PrivatBank disgraced stealing money when you buy through the map.

As reported Politeka, PrivatBank disgraced by the disappearance of funds in the terminal.

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