PrivatBank was struck by the treatment after a catastrophic failure: “the Theatre of the absurd”

ПриватБанк поразил обращением после масштабного сбоя: "Театр абсурда"

Ukrainians warned of “the theater of the absurd” which awaits them in the Commission of a payment card of PrivatBank

Network user named Ivan left a warning for users of cards of PrivatBank on the website of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.

Ivan wrote about what PrivatBank (PB) in its sole discretion and without notice to the client can perform manipulations that will further bring significant inconveniences.

ПриватБанк поразил обращением после масштабного сбоя: "Театр абсурда"

“07.08.19 I made a payment using the card Privat Bank. Something went wrong and the terminal issued the cheque of unsuccessful operations, the funds from my account was removed, but the destination is not reached. After talking with the operator and apply for a refund, the money in the account was returned (in no time) and the payment is successful.

12.08.19 I received email in which it asks me to submit documents about a failed payment 07.08.19.”

Then the man went to the support of the IB, where he was rude and advised to contact the point of sales (TP), which was declined. As it became clear, TP can not restore the terminal receipt stating the problem with the payment, since such a function does not exist.

“It turns out I’m a super client that the Bank provided me with their own funds, in the amount written off. And my own where it freezes, before the time of the application, which I designed 07.08.19. PB suggests the possibility of future removal of these “frozen” funds of TP that involves the removal of PB this amount already from my account (again) and review all this ugliness from 40 to 120 days…. It’s misleading 12.08.19″.

ПриватБанк поразил обращением после масштабного сбоя: "Театр абсурда"

Client PB notes that as a result a lot of wasted time, frayed nerves, communicating with nekompitentnoe the support staff, in General, away from it all. Although 07.08 he could on the phone to explain what was happening, and not to drive through the city.

“PB is a Bank-surprise… What I realized? The total daily control over any operations. Plus collection and archiving brand of all waste paper, which is derived from the collaboration with the IB.”, — concluded Ivan.

Next came the reply from PrivatBank:

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“Good morning! Let me draw Your attention to the fact that the Bank’s difficulties during the transaction was not the payment was successful. The funds were written off in the merchant account. We developed the application on contesting of transactions. She already accepted the job. The rules of consideration is up to 120 days from the date of registration. These terms strictly established by the payment system to all parties contesting, it was time to collect the required documents. However, we make every effort to get it positive for You. We’ll send You a text considered individually for You the situation and making recommendations. Also, I should note that we’ll check Your dialogues with our operators and inform You the result in addition. Sincerely, Privat.”

ПриватБанк поразил обращением после масштабного сбоя: "Театр абсурда" ПриватБанк поразил обращением после масштабного сбоя: "Театр абсурда" ПриватБанк поразил обращением после масштабного сбоя: "Театр абсурда"

ПриватБанк поразил обращением после масштабного сбоя: "Театр абсурда"

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