PrivatBank suffered a large-scale failure: the Ukrainians had no money

ПриватБанк постиг масштабный сбой: украинцы остались без денег

The Privat refuses to work

Ukrainians are shocked – they can’t pay through Bank terminals.

Problems at PrivatBank was founded in Sunday, may 19. In particular, massive complaints began to come from residents of the Ukrainian capital. People make purchases, but don’t allow them to pay. The system continuously fails and refuses to work. It is also impossible to conduct a transaction, writes Strenia.

ПриватБанк постиг масштабный сбой: украинцы остались без денег

Privat customers share their stories of attempts to calculate in retail outlets.

So the people of Kiev wrote that in a store after five attempts and failed to pay for goods, then the customer was unable to withdraw cash from the ATM. Moreover, as noted by a disgruntled user, the money did not give him neither Privat nor the other terminals.

Such failures occur in all districts of Kiev.

Angry customers broke the phone support service of PrivatBank. There acknowledged that Yes, there are problems: “There are challenges in conducting card transactions at ATMs, POS-terminals and while making payments online and in Privat24” he posted a message to technical support.

ПриватБанк постиг масштабный сбой: украинцы остались без денег

Bank technical specialists to apologise and reassure customers and promise that the system starts to work again after 14:00.

Earlier, Ukrainians have been faced with massive failure in PrivatBank. The last time it was in the fall of 2018.

Recall that Privat disgraced the massive loss of money: what happens “behind the scenes”.

As reported Politeka, a powerful explosion occurred in the office of PrivatBank, there are victims: the details of the emergency.

Also Politeka wrote that Privat urgently appealed to Ukrainians.