PrivatBank started to block the cards of Ukrainians: an official statement

ПриватБанк начал блокировать карты украинцев: официальное заявление

PrivatBank once again caught in misconduct

The thematic portal of the Ministry of Finance left a disgruntled client.

According to her, PrivatBank, without warning, blocked her personal card, which the woman simply left without money.

ПриватБанк начал блокировать карты украинцев: официальное заявление

“I am a user of two cards of PrivatBank. One credit and the second pension In early April, they called me and said that since I am a special public(I work as a Director of state enterprise) do I need to provide proof of income.I 2.04.2019 g provided the appropriate certificate to the branch of PrivatBank on the street Antonovich 66 Kiev. But 29.06.2019 I blocked both cards without prior notice from the Bank,” she said.

The client also stressed that because of such action by the PrivatBank, which left her without money, she plans to look for a new Bank.

“Blocked credit, well understand, but you did not have the right to block my pension? It is I have a pending money to pay for phone, TV, Internet, and now I can’t pay for these services and will be withdrawn, as the Bank promises to deal within 7 days. Well, have to go to another Bank”, — was summed up by a disgruntled client in my opinion.

PrivatBank, in turn, indirectly responded to the accusations and said client harvested phrase that “problem solved”.

ПриватБанк начал блокировать карты украинцев: официальное заявление

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Recall, PrivatBank disgraced by the theft of money when you buy through the map.

As reported Politeka, PrivatBank disgraced by the disappearance of funds in the terminal.

Also Politeka wrote that Privat he got himself in trouble due to the failure to give the client his money.