PrivatBank put the debt in 212 thousand 500 UAH: secretly numbered years

ПриватБанк выставил долг в 212 тысяч из-за 500 грн: тайно насчитывали годами

A former client of PrivatBank learned about the space amount of the debt completely by accident

On the website Minfin appeared opinion of the former client “PrivatBank”, which spoke negatively about the work of the credit institution.

According to the author, in 2011 he issued “Universal” cards, which had a credit limit of 500 hryvnia. Several times in 2012 a man used the said credit card, and repay the debt with a payment — at least 50 hryvnia.

A few months later, the client happened force majeure, with the result that he ceased to pay the debt.

“In fact, immediately after the termination of any necessary funds began persistent calls from overt rudeness and threats from employees of the Bank who are not particularly interested in life’s circumstances and they acted like I was past due payments are not the credit card of a few hundred hryvnia — and not paying a mortgage for years,” said the author.

Further information about debt transferred to collectors, who began to fill up client letters with blackmail on criminal liability and deprivation of housing.

In 2014, the collectors stopped calling and sending letters, and more men have decided to never deal with this Bank.

But 5 years later I got a job where he was asked to make a card for payments in PrivatBank.

The Department man said that he needs as many as 194 thousand hryvnia, plus have to pay about 18 thousand hryvnias of legal costs.

“Expert on these matters told me a confident tone as if I had been informed repeatedly of the letter I received and I ready to meet, “forgiving” the debt, if I make one payment the sum of 18 thousand 900+- hryvnia + about 5 thousand hryvnias for legal costs,” continues the author of the opinion.

The man, however, stressed that the body of the loan amounted to 470 UAH, and it was partially repaid.

“It (the Bank — ed.) YEARS accrues a penalty space quietly, not communicating with the debtor when he filed a lawsuit in the court, not informing the debtor about it, and only after the debtor randomly on arrival at the Bank finds out about these numbers… it already looks like more a Scam than the banking processes,” writes the user.

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In the end, the author told about the intention to go to court.

ПриватБанк выставил долг в 212 тысяч из-за 500 грн: тайно насчитывали годами

The staff of PrivatBank said the following:

ПриватБанк выставил долг в 212 тысяч из-за 500 грн: тайно насчитывали годами

Recall, PrivatBank disgraced stealing money when you buy through the map.

As reported Politeka, PrivatBank disgraced by the disappearance of funds in the terminal.

Also Politeka wrote that Privat he got himself in trouble due to the failure to give the client his money.