PrivatBank is shut off for 8 hours your cards, terminals and ATMs

People are urged to withdraw cash at ATMs, to avoid problems with the calculations.

Приватбанк відключить на 8 годин свої карти, термінали і банкомати

In the night from 14 on 15 Oct PrivatBank shut off all 20 million of its payment cards and serving their services. “Work will not do: neither card in trade networks and ATMs or the Internet banking Privat24 or payment terminals. Night, about 8 hours, when payment services almost never use it. From 8 a.m. on Monday, all will work again and people will again be able to pay with their cards, transfer funds and perform other necessary operations”, – assured the press-Secretary of Bank Oleg Serga, informs Rus.Media.

Disabling of card services will occur because of the transition of PrivatBank on the new version of the database management system (DBMS) processing.

“Came the updates to the underlying software systems that must be installed. It is a planned thing without which can not do” – said Serga.

The Bank claim that rebooting will improve the productivity and quality of processing payment card transactions.

“We bring customers an apology for the inconvenience, but this work is necessary in order to handle the increasing number of non-cash customer payments. If you have planned a good rest in the night from Saturday to Sunday, just in case in advance take your to a night club more cash. Technological pause in the processing takes some time, but not the fact that this period coincides with the intensification of use at the bar,” reads the official report of PrivatBank.

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