PrivatBank has run into a scandal involving the disappearance of money “involved members”

ПриватБанк вляпался в скандал с исчезновением денег: "замешаны сотрудники"

PrivatBank accused of stealing the money transfer

The appeared on the portal of the Ministry of Finance.

As told by a disgruntled client, she sent the Moneygram transfer, which she was going to get through Privat24, however, the funds never reached the addressee.

“At first I was given an error asking to try in a minute. I did just that. I showed the transfer amount, at which card to send a transfer and then was highlighted that successful. Refreshing the page several times, I realized that the card didn’t come. I called the private Bank and the girl-operator we tried to order by phone, but nothing happened again, although on the website Moneygram showed that my transfer was already received. She wrote the application for the proceedings, but still the answer is no,” she said.

The client also suggested that Privat directly involved in this scandal.

“I have every reason to believe that the translation was just stolen by Bank employees, so as to appeal to the private 24, the transfer hung ready to pay out. How do I get my money back?”, — she summed up.

ПриватБанк вляпался в скандал с исчезновением денег: "замешаны сотрудники"

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As reported Politeka, PrivatBank caught in a scandal card: “disappeared money”.

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