Privat urgently reported the write-off of money from the card

ПриватБанк экстренно сообщил о списании денег с карт

Customer PrivatBank twice lost money during a normal payment card at the supermarket

User complained about the double charge money from the state Bank. He described the unpleasant situation in the review on the website “Ministry of Finance”.

Ukrainian says that it “threw money” the staff of PrivatBank and major supermarket chains charge double the amount. The man writes that on April 27 went shopping. He paid for the goods by card and noticed that money is written off. But because of an error the terminal has not confirmed the purchase. Then the cashier asked for cash assuring that the charged will soon return to the account. Employee of the supermarket was advised to contact the hotline of PrivatBank.

ПриватБанк экстренно сообщил о списании денег с карт

“I called the hotline of the Bank left a request for a refund. Fortunately the money was returned after 10 minutes (no applications as understood,” writes the author of the opinion. But April 30, the man noticed the loss of the same amount. “In General, I got stiffed, paid twice,” said a web user. According to him, the Bank’s employees erased the error with the transaction.

Representatives PrivatBank soon turned to the author and explained the situation. They said that customers of the Bank and the store has 15 days to peacefully resolve the conflict with double charges. During this time, a man can go to supermarket and ask for a refund. If the company refuses, Privat obliged to issue the dispute.

We will remind, struggle for Privat will leave Ukrainians without money: millions of depositors at risk.

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