Privat urgently appealed to Ukrainians: there was a massive failure

ПриватБанк экстренно обратился к украинцам: произошел масштабный сбой

PrivatBank explained the reason for the failure of the terminals, ATMs and service Privat24

This is stated in the report, which was published by the press service of PrivatBank.

It is reported that yesterday, June 12 in Ukraine was recorded a global failure of the Bank.

Ukrainians are faced with a problem in terminals, ATMs and mobile service Privat24.

The Bank’s management noted that June 12 had performed maintenance work on updating the security in connection with what was recorded a global failure of the financial institution.

“Sorry, could experience temporary difficulties in payment. In connection with the technological need, the Bank held reset processing. At the moment health is restored. Treatment of accumulated payments”, — stated in the message.

Recall, PrivatBank disgraced with the theft of money from the account.

As reported Politeka, PrivatBank plunged into a new scandal: a failure occurred in Privat24.

Also Politeka reported that PrivatBank was stunned by the arrogant attitude to customers.