Privat stunned by the message on the write-off of money from the card

Приватбанк ошеломил сообщением о списании денег с карт

State PrivatBank has once again become involved in a scandal

The corresponding review was published on the portal of the Ministry of Finance.

In particular, the client reported that PrivatBank wrongly took funds from his personal card.

“I February 25, from the card PrivatBank Gold seven payments have been in total withdrawn amount of 1,000 hryvnia… some Google *Nazli D. Abdulin. The hotline PrivatBank 3700 I was told will be dealt with from 45 to 180 days. There were three write-offs from the card on 250 hryvnias and four for 55 hryvnia,” — she said.

Dissatisfied customer also complained that the Privat responded to financial scandal.

“In the end, calling today, again the hotline Privat, I was told that the four sums at 55 I already precisely will not return, because I made the payment online (which was not), and with three 250 they still understand. Here’s to you and PrivatBank. Here and security that seems to exist only on paper,” she summed up.

He PrivatBank said that to challenge the cancellation of operations is not possible.

Приватбанк ошеломил сообщением о списании денег с карт

Приватбанк ошеломил сообщением о списании денег с карт

We will remind, struggle for Privat will leave Ukrainians without money: millions of depositors at risk.

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