Privat made an important statement after a catastrophic failure: “the money is not returned”

ПриватБанк сделал важное заявление после масштабного сбоя: "деньги не вернут"

State PrivatBank have once again disgraced

The blatant incident told a disgruntled customer who left a negative feedback on the portal of the Ministry of Finance

According to her, she wanted to add to my card through the terminal, but the system failed and the Privat refused to transfer funds.

ПриватБанк сделал важное заявление после масштабного сбоя: "деньги не вернут"

“The terminal bill 500 UAH. accepted, but the operation is not conducted. Called to the 3700.The operator said that he sees that the transaction was not successful. Applied for a refund number 2377. After about an hour arrived her husband, brought up money and I put 500 UAH. on the map, but through a different terminal. Two days later came a text message that a failure is not detected and will not return the money” — she said

The client noted that it submitted a new application for a refund, but PrivatBank once again rejected her.

“Extremely outraged by the situation.The money didn’t just disappear. When collection of the excess is still visible. And there is also a video, probably you can see that the money is in the terminal left. Here I have a negative experience,” she said.

The representative of PrivatBank in the comments replied that her question has already been considered by professionals, and its results will inform the client personally.

ПриватБанк сделал важное заявление после масштабного сбоя: "деньги не вернут"

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Recall that PrivatBank took the customer’s money after his mistakes.

As reported Politeka, PrivatBank has started to block the accounts of Ukrainian.

Also Politeka wrote that PrivatBank’s put the debt of 212 thousand 500 UAH.