Privat loudly disgraced withdraw money from a blocked card

ПриватБанк громко оскандалился списанием денег с заблокированных карт

PrivatBank accused of another fraud with cards

The appeared on the portal of the Ministry of Finance.

So, a disgruntled client told, as PrivatBank decided to charge interest on the map that was previously closed.

“Closed debit card in January 2017. I then confirmed it on the hotline. But it turned out that the balance on the card was somehow cleared by the Bank two times with a difference in two days. During these two days the difference of the inept operators have some theoretical penalty for the overdraft, which has some of the devil were hanged on this face-down card. The penalty continues to accrue further, and I for the first time (two years) received a letter in April 2019,” she says.

PrivatBank, reacting to the situation, decided to hang a “school” on the client.

“Closed card due to issues with the Bank… Private, you do not have enough money for a second round of elections? Yes, the amount of a penny, but pay I’m not going and nothing you can do about it, guys. Max — close a credit card that I pay off, which is not in use, and which has forgotten the pin code. Decide with your staff. this problem themselves,” she concluded.

ПриватБанк громко оскандалился списанием денег с заблокированных карт

Recall, PrivatBank caught in a scandal with relatives customers.

As it was written, PrivatBank have caught on the “credit trap”.

We also reported that PrivatBank reported where the missing money from the cards.