Privat disgraced withdrawals from the account of the customer: “who said?”

ПриватБанк оскандалился снятием денег со счета клиента: "кто разрешил?"

Privat disgraced withdraw money from the card when the customer tried to do the translation

So, the client of Bank under the name Oleksandra Abramova, left a negative review on the website “Ministry of Finance” about PrivatBank. She said she tried to pay for the service using the Bank cards. However, even though the funds were debited from the card, the money for the right account and not received.

ПриватБанк оскандалился снятием денег со счета клиента: "кто разрешил?"

In the message from the Bank, according to the client, it was written that they are in a certain “reserve”. Review the client asks questions about why, if the order failed, the funds are not returned to the account from where was removed.

It also States that, creating a request for a refund, she was told to wait from 45 to 120 days. If the money is not returned, the client threatened the Bank with court.

This is not the first problem with PrivatBank.

We will remind, the client is told about how the terminal PrivatBank took her notes, but was credited to the account only a certain part.

Also it was written that now, thanks to the PrivatBank debtors will begin to disturb the collectors.

We wrote that the clients of PrivatBank reported an unexpected block accounts for strange reasons.