Privat disgraced the strange card and credits

ПриватБанк оскандалился странной блокировкой карт и начислением кредитов

State PrivatBank became involved in another scandal

The corresponding review was published in the thematic portal of the Ministry of Finance.

In particular, a disgruntled client was told that her father stole a purse with the phone and the scandal could be exhausted if not for the negligence of the PrivatBank.

“The operator said that the card is locked, all I am calm. It was 17:50. About 21.50 scammers know the code word. I immediately dial the hotline to the Bank and explaining the situation, and asked to check whether the card is locked, what do I officer of the Bank replied that blocked the card. I ask, as if it had already been blocked, I the employee of Bank says that the card has been blocked for cash withdrawal, and now he has blocked the card from all fully operation,” she said.

She also noted that her father the next day learned that the fraud on his name has gained credits in PrivatBank.

“The fraudsters picked up a bunch of credits to his pension card. How can this be? Thank God that we have addressed at once in law enforcement. Here you have security, even leaked passport data and INN!”, — she summed up.

ПриватБанк оскандалился странной блокировкой карт и начислением кредитов

Recall that the clients of PrivatBank reported an unexpected block accounts for strange reasons.

We also wrote that the account of the client of PrivatBank were frozen just like that.

Yet it was reported that PrivatBank has started freezing the accounts of active Ukrainians and suspension of operations.