Privat disgraced stealing money when buying via the map: “staff involved”

ПриватБанк оскандалился воровством денег при покупке через карту: "замешаны сотрудники"

PrivatBank does not want to return money for the bought tickets for a flight that was cancelled

The corresponding review was published on the Ministry of Finance.

As told by the client, PrivatBank does not return to him money and wasting time, although long ago the airline announced the cancellation of the flight.

“I have issued a complaint, which I proposed to confirm in the archives of the tickets that I want to get a full refund, a clear tightening of return (assume that I wish to donate part of the payment for no service rendered was unlikely a reasonable person). After confirmation, sent another claim for which there is no answer,” he said.

The client also noted that organized the whole scheme of sale of tickets, and is engaged in the employee of PrivatBank, hiding their names.

“That is, the mediation service of PrivatBank for the sale of tickets is a complete divorce using the personal email address of the employee [email protected] in fact, the tickets are sold through other broker Delta Travel and the staff of PrivatBank who hide their names. Beware of this service and contact us directly from reliable suppliers,” he concluded.

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ПриватБанк оскандалился воровством денег при покупке через карту: "замешаны сотрудники"

Recall, PrivatBank announced breaking news: mass office closed.

As reported Politeka, PrivatBank urgently appealed to Ukrainians: there was a massive failure.

Also Politeka wrote that Privat plunged into a new scandal: a failure occurred in Privat24.