Privat disgraced loans to customers: “so decided the Bank”

ПриватБанк оскандалился с кредитами для клиентов: "так решил банк"

Privat make changes to accounts without the knowledge of customers

This was told by the network user Hope chagovets. She told the feedback on the website “Ministry of Finance” as the staff of PrivatBank was unpleasantly surprised by its quality of service.

The client shared that some time ago opened an “empty” Bank card for personal purposes. She asked the employee to make her an account without credit. However, on June 20 PrivatBank has changed the terms and introduced the credit limit, without asking permission from Hope. And not even informed her. Ukrainka learned about innovations PrivatBank only after it has received the message about the possibility to use the service “payment parts”.

ПриватБанк оскандалился с кредитами для клиентов: "так решил банк"

“I called the operator, asked on what basis has opened my credit limit without my knowledge and consent? What the operator said, so the Bank decided!!! It is normal at all?” — outraged the author of the opinion. She added that the operator failed to disconnect the service, and instead offered to the customer to do it through the online service of PrivatBank. — “Just a class, so they I hooked it, and I have it like that off. I’m in shock, well, how?”.

The staff of PrivatBank responded to a complaint of Hope. They noted that “many customers of such only a dream”. According to them, the credit limit established, as a sign of trust to the client. And allow you to disable at any time.

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