Privat disgraced “drain” of customers ‘ personal data: the “involved members”

ПриватБанк оскандалился "сливом" личных данных клиентов: "замешаны сотрудники"

PrivatBank accused of “draining” of customers ‘ personal data

The appeared on the portal of the Ministry of Finance.

In particular, the client reported that he got a call the employee of PrivatBank and told about the problem with his map, which supposedly can be solved by using the activation code from SMS.

“Denying him and putting the phone find 2 SMS from PrivatBank — one with a confirmation code, and another with my “CVV2″ code and wish a pleasant shopping experience. After 10 minutes, I was called Madam, posing as a Bank employee and said that the fraudsters tried to make a transaction with my card for a round sum, after which the card was blocked,” he said.

The client also suggested that Privat dispose of personal customer data for their own purposes.

“The answer to the question — where do these crooks all my personal information: 16 digit card number, CVV2 code, card expiry date, my phone number and name, suggests itself… And the management pretends everything is fine, you need to stay as far as possible”, — he concluded.

ПриватБанк оскандалился "сливом" личных данных клиентов: "замешаны сотрудники"

Recall that the clients of PrivatBank reported an unexpected block accounts for strange reasons.

We also wrote that the account of the client of PrivatBank were frozen just like that.

Yet it was reported that PrivatBank has started freezing the accounts of active Ukrainians and suspension of operations.