Privat disgraced challenges in translation means: “Help to return the money”

ПриватБанк оскандалился проблемами при переводе средств: «Помогите вернуть деньги»

Clients “PrivatBank” complain that they are losing money in the implementation of the most simple financial transactions

New outrageous story on the website of the Ministry of Finance.Yua shared by a woman named Olga Semanova. She said that on may 30 held a payment on account, which, as it turned out, was closed.

Payment is carried out in the Bank office, but, according to the woman, the cashier did not see any problems with the bill and said that the money will be credited. Disbelieving this, Olga contacted the recipient, who confirmed that the account was closed.

When money tried to track, it turned out that they were transferred to the transit account of PrivatBank.

“Just think, everything is clear and understandable, you only have to return the money to the sender, but PrivatBank does not see them! Does not see the payment has not authorized sender and no money!…Help to understand and return the money!” — outraged the client of the Bank.

She stressed that using the services of PrivatBank more than 5 years, but this situation made her wonder whether the Bank cares about its customers. In turn, representatives of the Bank promised more details to deal with her problem.

ПриватБанк оскандалился проблемами при переводе средств: «Помогите вернуть деньги»

Recall, PrivatBank disgraced with the theft of money from the account.

As reported Politeka, PrivatBank plunged into a new scandal: a failure occurred in Privat24.

Also Politeka reported that PrivatBank was stunned by the arrogant attitude to customers.