Privat disgraced by the disappearance of money in the terminal: “divorce out of the blue”

ПриватБанк оскандалился исчезновением денег в терминале: "развод на ровном месте"

Privat caught at the next disappearance of money in the transaction through the terminal

Appropriate feedback on the portal of the Ministry of Finance issued a disgruntled client Natalia Dovzhenko.

According to her, she has made through a terminal round sum, but Privat ignored it.

“He made money through the terminal, the authorization was by phone number. Amount 1400 in cash, the Commission wanted to pay by card Private, upon payment of a fee seen a notification that your account has insufficient funds. Very strange because the money were at stake. In the end I made a cash. And when they wanted to pay the percentage of the terminal at the thought that I want to make a transfer 1400 from the card. And here most importantly, where is my money which I deposited in cash?”, she said.

Natalia also noticed that after an unpleasant incident has repeatedly appealed to the hotline, but Privat in every possible way ignores its demands.

“When making money on the return I receive a notification that it was not the fact of failure. I was just in shock. I have many times appealed to the hot line but all to no avail. Asked what would have revised the video, but no specific action occurs. Just stretches of time. I’m not that negative opinions, I sharply negative, really do not know what the outcome of this situation. Stupidly divorce out of the blue” — summed up the unhappy client.

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ПриватБанк оскандалился исчезновением денег в терминале: "развод на ровном месте"

Recall, PrivatBank disgraced by the theft of money when you buy through the map.

As reported Politeka, PrivatBank disgraced by the disappearance of funds in the terminal.

Also Politeka wrote that Privat he got himself in trouble due to the failure to give the client his money.