Privat disgraced by the disappearance of money from the account

ПриватБанк оскандалился исчезновением денег со счета

State PrivatBank have once again run into trouble

The appeared on the portal of the Ministry of Finance.

According to her, PrivatBank has debited her card for money transaction, which for some time before it was rejected.

“On the hotline promised to return them within the hour, which, of course, was not followed. On the hotline on the second day again made a request… a month later, the operator of the call center informed that my application for a refund is still work in progress and the decision will be announced before 120 days. In April the operator has advised that a decision on my application was taken 3.04” she said.

The client also noted that PrivatBank strongly distanciruemsa from this scandal.

“After that, the Bank’s experts are unable to provide data on the movements of my funds on my card… Jammed payments, which were carried out. Justify clearly how then 28.01 in the Treasury there were 4 withdrawals in the “piggy Bank”, and 2 payment specialists can’t. Come up with something interesting of your standard response about how you’re sorry, etc., and that the case is transferred to “a specialist,” she concluded.

ПриватБанк оскандалился исчезновением денег со счета

We will remind, money of Ukrainians under threat: in PrivatBank made urgent application.

As reported Politeka, Kolomoisky will pay for Privat, but with a condition: “This is some kind of tin”.

Also Politeka wrote that a powerful explosion occurred in the office of PrivatBank, there are victims: the details of the emergency.