Privat disgraced after the theft of money from the card: urgent statement

ПриватБанк оскандалился после воровства денег с карт: срочное заявление

State PrivatBank became involved in another scandal

The blatant incident told the disgruntled customer, leaving appropriate feedback on the thematic portal of the Ministry of Finance.

According to him, the attackers somehow managed to get access to his maps, then stole money from the accounts.

ПриватБанк оскандалился после воровства денег с карт: срочное заявление

“Somehow the thieves got access to maps, Internet changed the limit on the payment in the Internet, took all the credit money of 55,000. Payment has gone through Telecom services: PORTMONE.MOBILE, KYIV”, — he stressed.

The client also said that the attackers were able to obtain access to accounts, despite the fact that the card and the mobile phone to which they are attached, is always with him.

“The phone and the card is always with me! Called 3700 applied. Was told to wait 5-7 days. Tomorrow I’ll go to the police to write to declare”, he concluded.

PrivatBank immediately responded to the incident and said that can not help the customer in this situation, and advised him to “complain to the police.”

“We are very sorry that You are faced with such a situation… In the case of an attempted for You fraudulent activities the Bank can not act as a Complainant to the police, as a party, against whom these actions were directed, are You. To investigate fraud, we suggest You to contact the police, which may get designed, in accordance with applicable laws, request all necessary information”, — is spoken in the answer of the representative of PrivatBank under a negative opinion.

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ПриватБанк оскандалился после воровства денег с карт: срочное заявление

Recall that PrivatBank took the customer’s money after his mistakes.

As reported Politeka, PrivatBank has started to block the accounts of Ukrainian.

Also Politeka wrote about the fact that PrivatBank’s put the debt of 212 thousand 500 UAH.