Privat caught withdraw funds from blocked cards, rattles scandal: “nonsense…”

ПриватБанк поймали на списании денег с заблокированных карт, гремит скандал: "нонсенс..."

Public Privat has run into yet another scandal

The left one of the customers on the portal of the Ministry of Finance.

According to the customer with his card, on which was a zero balance, have written off more than 10 thousand hryvnia, and the debt will now have to repay him.

“I immediately called the hotline to explain how it happened, reassured me, told will understand and fix everything. At my request, they blocked the card. 14.06 in the morning I received a cancellation notice the operations on the account became 0. But by evening, despite the fact that the card is blocked and returned the same minus 10640 UAH”, — he said.

The client also noted that he went to sort out branch of PrivatBank, but the employee refused to issue him a new card.

“I was in shock when I the girl was not given a new card, and begin to understand why I have minus zabl. the map… I’m in shock from this! Please look into this situation. First time for such nonsense,” he concluded.

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ПриватБанк поймали на списании денег с заблокированных карт, гремит скандал: "нонсенс..."

Recall, PrivatBank disgraced with the theft of money from the account.

As reported Politeka, PrivatBank plunged into a new scandal.

Also Politeka reported that PrivatBank was stunned by the arrogant attitude to customers.