Privat caught in a scandal with the write-off of money “within the rules”

ПриватБанк попал в скандал со списанием денег: "в рамках правил"

PrivatBank again he got himself in trouble with credit, but Bank representatives immediately explained what it is

Ukrainian prepares credit card, paying with it in the store, forget about the debt and after a couple of months it requires tens of thousands of hryvnia. According to the register of judgments, in such a situation get thousands of people in Ukraine. So, employees of PrivatBank is able to deduct money from the card as the fine stitching of the loan.

Client under the name Nuwola shared his history of working with PrivatBank and left a review on the website of the Ministry of Finance. A woman complains that her salary card PrivatBank has written off more than half my salary on penalty for using the credit limit, which is not, and the term of credit has expired. The amount of debt on the map was 600 hryvnias. But in the end the Bank took the card more than 11 thousand hryvnia.

ПриватБанк попал в скандал со списанием денег: "в рамках правил"

The client of the Bank’s notes that the debt continue to count with a payroll card, because the credit card is closed. Last year she counted about 20 thousand hryvnias of a debt, such amount without warning have been removed from open payroll card clients.

The financial institution PrivatBank explained – all according to the signed contract. If the time has not returned the money, begin to count fines, penalties, and additional interest. And the only way to repay the debt.

“If a person remained a debt on the loan, although the client believed that the card is not valid or is closed, due to penalties and interest the amount of debt that is not repaid can grow. And the Bank according to the agreement, withdraws the repayment of debt, half of the income. Any card of the debtor”, – said the press service of the Bank.

Really posted on the Bank contract (he signed it in the office when opening a credit account) there is mention of that from any account, even payroll, the Bank can deduct the money for the loan.

ПриватБанк попал в скандал со списанием денег: "в рамках правил"

Also earlier it was reported that PrivatBank accused of stealing a money transfer. The appeared on the portal of the Ministry of Finance.

As told by a disgruntled client, she sent the Moneygram transfer, which she was going to get through Privat24, however, the funds never reached the addressee.

“At first I was given an error asking to try in a minute. I did just that. I showed the transfer amount, at which card to send a transfer and then was highlighted that successful. Refreshing the page several times, I realized that the card didn’t come. I called the private Bank and the girl-operator we tried to order by phone, but nothing happened again, although on the website Moneygram showed that my transfer was already received. She wrote the application for the proceedings, but still the answer is no,” she said.

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