Privat blocks of the account of the Ukrainians: “We are sorry …”

ПриватБанк блокирует счета украинцам: "Нам очень жаль ..."

Privat is caught in another scandal

Konfliktnoy about the situation informed the client on the thematic portal of the Ministry of Finance.

According to the victim, she was not allowed to close the account in PrivatBank.

“In April 2019 provided documents in PrivatBank to undergo identification. Since written notice of this procedure saw later ( it was sent to me in February), the account Bank has blocked. The account could money. 8 April 2019 the head of the Department in which he served took the documents and filled out the questionnaire. I said that after identification want to close the account in PrivatBank.

As of July 13, 2019 account is still blocked. Despite what passed for the second identification (questionnaire processed 14.06.19) and provided a lot of documents on request in e-mail from the branch Manager (income Declaration of the founding treaties and contracts across the enterprise, etc.). “she said.

ПриватБанк блокирует счета украинцам: "Нам очень жаль ..."

She also noted “the complete absence of feedback” from a client and accused the Bank of exceeding his authority.

“Not received an official response from that I sent a registered letter to the main office. PrivatBank is a Bank with a complete lack of feedback. On the hotline a complete lack of competence to communicate with the main office only unilaterally (letter no reply), the Manager and the Department head has absolutely no interest in solving my problem. Privat exceeds your floor bagenda, according to the regulations of the national Bank and is doing everything to me it was not possible to simply close the ACCOUNT and transfer money in another Bank. “she concluded in her opinion.

ПриватБанк блокирует счета украинцам: "Нам очень жаль ..."

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Reacting to customer feedback the Bank said: “We are very sorry that You are faced with such a situation. Let us consider in detail Your case.”

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