Privat appealed to Ukrainians: “the money disappeared from the map”

ПриватБанк обратился к украинцам: "исчезли деньги с карты"

In PrivatBank explained why when making purchases their card through the terminal shop money Ukrainians can be charged even in cases when the payment fails

The Bank’s customers periodically complain of similar cases. One of them on the website of the Finance Ministry told a Ukrainian by the name of Miroslav Evdokimova.

“Payment 19,05,19 in the terminal pastry shop. Payment failed, as indicated by the relieved cashier report, but the money on the card was written off, which confirmed my Privat-24”, — the woman complained.

She said that after that the operator told her that the money be returned the next day without any applications, but later it turned out that the application was needed, and the money will return within 45-120 days, while the interest on the loan will pay it.

ПриватБанк обратился к украинцам: "исчезли деньги с карты"

In turn, representatives of the Bank reported that the payment amount has been reserved on the map and is awaiting confirmation of the transfer of the shopping center.

“It can take up to 10 days. If, however, this time we are not received the request for cancellation of payment it will be returned to the available balance of Your card”, — the Bank informed.

ПриватБанк обратился к украинцам: "исчезли деньги с карты"

Recall, the PrivatBank can accept insolvent.

As reported Politeka, PrivatBank will launch an unusual feature.

Also Politeka wrote that Privat disgraced by the disappearance of money from the account.