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This privacy policy applies to website and applications.

We (the Administration) reserve the right to change this privacy policy without prior notifications.

The new version of privacy policy enters into force as soon as it is published, if other special circumstances are not proscribed. We encourage you to read the privacy policies alone.

By clicking “Accept conditions of privacy policy” user agrees with the terms and conditions of the privacy policy and enables its. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions of the privacy policy, please do not use

Extra terms of using resources and services can be described additionally.

Accepting our privacy policy gives an opportunity to use the website and its services (information, communication and other). The subject of the privacy policy is all the material resources and services available on

To register on you must provide full and truthful information about yourself, process and update it in case of changes.

We do not use the information about user in order to identify him.

Responsibility for the safety of the e-mail address, name and surname, as well as all the user’s actions within, is laid on the user.

User and the Administration do not disclose the user password.

We may use the information that we collect to send you e-mail communications.

We reserve the right to carry the message to another section if, in our opinion, they concern the same topic.

We may delete the users’ posts and comments of if they violate the terms of the privacy policy, laws of Canada. When the user to publish website content, including text, graphics, video or audio content, thus transferred all rights to accordance with the law, allowing unlimited use such content without requiring any fee.

The Administration has the right to block the user account in case of violations of the privacy policy, to remove any content without previous explanations, in the case of violations of the current legislation of Canada, our privacy policy or other rules used by

We have the right to close any any time without prior notification. Administration is not responsible for the suspension of access to resources on the site.

The user has the right to use the specified e-mail address, name and password to complete the registration process, create a text message, comment, and share views on the published information; to use the information from this website, including materials containing links to other sources in accordance with the terms of use.

In case of unauthorized use of the resources, user must inform the Administration.

User gives us permission to process the given information, to use this information, including direct marketing purposes.

Accepting the terms of this contract means your agreement to give us the exclusive intellectual property rights for the intellectual property objects placed on the site.

The site prohibits post or share the calls for violent change of the constitutional order or the seizure of state power; calls for limitation or territorial separation of the state border of Ukraine, set by Constitution of Ukraine; calls for arson, property destruction, buildings seizure, violent eviction of citizens; calls for aggression or military conflict, post other materials that might be under the law or provoke law violations.

The Administration forbids posting materials that offend morality, honor and dignity, rights and legitimate interests of third parties, as well as obscene language, materials that have pornographic, erotic or sexual nature. Advertising and commercials are not allowed to be placed if not agreed with the Administration, as well as intellectual products without copyright or without a public distribution permission.

We do not allow posting materials containing computer security breaching, destroying or limiting the functionality of computer or telecommunication equipment and programs for illegal access; serial numbers to commercial software products, logins, passwords and other means to obtain unauthorized access to payable Internet resources.

Posting personal data about third parties or commercial information about the user is forbidden.

Accepting the terms of the contract means that the user confirms his responsibility for information that he posts on

You can access other sites through Administration has no control over these sites and you collect the information from the other sites solely at you own risk. User acknowledges and agrees that the Administration is not responsible for other sites and their contents.

You are responsible for your computer damage and your data. We are not responsible for the fulfillment of expectations by the quality of service and the suitability of the information for specific purposes. We do not make the obligatory testing of the materials placed on a site, statements and users’ comments.

In case Administration faces claims from the third parties concerning information posted by user, the user must resolve all disputes by himself. User agrees to indemnify for all damages, including legal costs, which result from actions when using the services available across the page and violate laws or the current terms and conditions.

Administration tries to ensure uninterrupted availability of the site, but is not responsible for the total or partial loss of user’s content, and by insufficient quality or speed of content view.

We pre-moderate most of the comments we receive. Sometimes there is a delay in publishing whilst we seek information from various sources to be included in our response to questions.

Users have the right to complain about the comments of others. If there are several complaints, the comment will be hidden. If you do not agree with the decision of the moderator, he can send us a complaint.

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