Pritula told how to really feel themselves Ukrainians: “Helped Ponomarev”

Притула рассказал, как по-настоящему почувствовал себя украинцем: "Помог Пономарев"

Ukrainian showman Serhiy Prytula suddenly felt a surge of patriotism on the foreign resort

The presenter shared way to determine the Ukrainians even abroad. On his page on Facebook he described a funny incident which helped him to find a reliable method.

The story happened in Egypt. According to Sergey Prytula, he and his wife went to a local hotel when the tourist season has not started yet. The dining hall was filled with guests only a third. A few guests enjoyed all the amenities all-inclusive, while she played for them on the cello. After classical work, the musician moved to new melodies, which suddenly attracted the attention of Sergey Prytula and he seemed very familiar.

Притула рассказал, как по-настоящему почувствовал себя украинцем: "Помог Пономарев"

“Am I interrupting a conversation with his wife, stop and start randomly remember the product, because the notes on sooo familiar. After a moment, my face a smile appears. Cellist fingers and the bow removes from the instrument notes songs Alexander Ponomarev “I love you”. Well, there where about “favorite winch”,” — shared his experience Sergey Prytula.

The comedian immediately felt themselves Ukrainians abroad. The composition of Ukrainian composer Alexander Ponomarev also helped him to discover compatriots. After all, some visitors are dining, too, has recognized the tune and began to curiously look back. According to Serhiy Prytula, the cellist made a real test of Ukrainian origin:

“Love to use the eye space. Somewhere over a third of the tables occupied twist in different directions heads like me, with a smile on his lips, men and women. Meet views. Nod each other heads. Smile. Meet eyes with the cellist, smiling, is “like”. Thanks girl, the authentication session is completed. Where “your” shows :))). P. S. the Day before violinist pleased “go to Sleep myself” Scriabin. Well, the pianist is also ours :)))”.

Притула рассказал, как по-настоящему почувствовал себя украинцем: "Помог Пономарев"

And recently Sergey Pritula radically changed her image. Famous Ukrainian published on the page in a new Instagram photo, which showed fans a new look. Now it does not know.

The presenter appeared before the Ukrainians shaven bald, though long worn a neat goatee. In the picture showman posing on the background of the poster film, which soon goes on wide screens. Sergey Pritula happily admitted that he voiced one of the main characters in Ukrainian dubbing.

We will remind, Pritula family left Ukraine after the scandal with the Eurovision song contest: “Back when”.

As reported Politeka, Sergey Prytula for the first time he told me why he quarreled with Freimut: “I was very angry.”

Also Politeka wrote that Pritula got into a scandal: “a Joke of nature speak”.