Prisoners staged a deadly massacre, many victims: the details of the emergency

Заключенные устроили смертельное побоище, много жертв: подробности ЧП

During the brutal conflict, some participants beheaded

Other prisoners have died from choking from the smoke during the fire, which they themselves arranged.

The bloody incident occurred in Brazil on Monday, 29 July. There in the city of Altamira in the state of pará in the North of the country in one of the prisons there was a riot, in which 52 people were killed, writes the Associated Press.

Заключенные устроили смертельное побоище, много жертв: подробности ЧП

A mass fight occurred during Breakfast between two prison gangs.

The prisoners took hostage two prison officers, but they were soon released.

Among the victims were only prisoners. 16 people were beheaded, while others suffocated during the fire, which gave the participants of the rebellion.

As previously reported, the militants attacked the peace settlement. The tragedy occurred during the funeral ceremony, on July 27.

Dozens of people were killed and ten were seriously injured in Nigeria. So according to the representative of local authorities Muhammad Bellamy, the militants “Boko Haram” attacked the peaceful village and brutally murdered all in their path: “In the Nigerian Borno state in an attack killed 65 people and another ten were injured”, — said the representative of the local authorities.

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The attack occurred near the town of Maiduguri in Borno state, where Boko Haram has intensified in recent years: “Islamists attacked the people on motorcycles and in vans. First reported on a smaller number of victims, but then were discovered dozens of bodies of 20 people were killed in the attack on the funeral, and the rest — while trying to chase the Islamists.”

Заключенные устроили смертельное побоище, много жертв: подробности ЧП

Also, local authorities suggested the reasons for the brutal attack — so the state said: “the Attack was a revenge for the murder of local residents odinnadcataya militants “Boko Haram” that happened a couple of weeks ago.”

Recall that the militants “Boko Haram” know no mercy, they attack the peaceful settlements of the country for almost a decade in a row, as a result of attacks in northeast Nigeria killed at least 20 thousand people, two million have fled due to the arbitrariness of their homes.

Recall that the terrorists got the teeth from the APU for the mortar hell: “a big loss”, details.

As reported Politeka in the country, the chaos began: snipers shooting indiscriminately, all in the fire.

Also Politeka wrote that the militants brutalized and spat on the truce: soldiers of the APU are the new loss