Prince’s heirs want to block the release of his posthumous album

The release of the posthumous album of Prince planned tomorrow is questioned. The beneficiaries of the star come in fact to file an appeal to cancel it.
Prince died of an overdose on April 21, 2016 in Minnesota in the United States. A year later, on the first anniversary of his death, an unpublished posthumous album should be released tomorrow. A decision challenged by the rights holders of the star who seized the court yesterday to prevent this publication.
The six tracks on the album were co-written and co-produced by Prince and Ian Boxill, his sound engineer, between 2006 and 2008. One of the songs, Deliverance, is already available as a legal download Tuesday. The other five titles announced are: I Am, Touch Me, Sunrise Sunset, No One Else and a remastered version of I Am.
This decision by the independent label Rogue Music Alliance and Ian Boxill is not to the liking of Prince’s heirs who filed a lawsuit in Minnesota yesterday. According to the KSTP site , the rights holders of the star accuse the sound engineer and the company of breach of contract, theft and embezzlement. A complaint supported by Paisley Park Enterprises, the company that manages Prince’s assets. The judicial process is launched …
The case adds to the pile of trials already engaged in the battle for Prince’s legacy estimated at half a billion dollars, the equivalent of 466 million. The pop star has left no wills, which does not make things easier in this legal war waged by the numerous relatives who proclaim themselves entitled-holders . As for the release of the album originally scheduled tomorrow, no details have been provided.

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