Prince William reveals why he wanted another child – Here

Prince William and Kate Middleton are going to have a third child. The couple has never hidden his desire to raise a large family.

The royal family continues to fascinate the English. For the past few years, attention has been focused particularly on Prince William and Kate Middleton, who are the proud parents of George, age 4 and Charlotte, 2 years old. And against all odds, Kensington Palace announced the big news on the 4th September last : the couple is preparing to welcome a third child.

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If the two lovebirds have never hidden their desire to have another child, the commentators bring a new reason for this joyful news. In fact, prince William wants for his children a family united and strong, which would support the as her brother Harry was able to be for him at the time of the tragic death of their mother in 1997. The mother of princes William and Harry, then aged respectively 15 and 12 years, lost his life following a road accident deadly in the tunnel of the Alma bridge in Paris. If the two princes have nevertheless suffered from the loneliness and the fact of not being able to cope with their grief in peace, they have always been able to count on one another.

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This wish is also motivated by the desire of prince William to accomplish what his late mother has never been able to achieve. In fact, Diana wanted to have a third child. Kate Middleton attends her in birth at 36 years old, the age at which Lady Diana was killed…

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