Prince William pushed their heads against his “mistress” Kate Middleton: “family on the edge of the gap”

Принц Уильям столкнул лбами свою «любовницу»  с Кейт Миддлтон: «семья на краю разрыва»

Fans of the Duchess Kate Middleton is concerned, because there are rumors about problems in the family

According to In Touch Weekly, the relationship Kate and William once again became strained. And all because of the fact that the Prince ignored the request of his wife.

The quarrel between husband and wife occurred after the recent official Banquet at Buckingham Palace. The Duchess presented the wife of a serious claim: it had reneged on her earlier promise, with the invitation to the event of “undesirable persons”. We are talking about a former friend Kate — rose Hanbury, which, as reported by the media a couple of months ago, the Prince allegedly had an affair.

Принц Уильям столкнул лбами свою «любовницу»  с Кейт Миддлтон: «семья на краю разрыва»

William had allegedly started a romantic relationship with rose when Kate was carrying her third child – Prince Louis. The Duchess’s attention was then focused on her two eldest children, George and Charlotte, as well as pregnancy. And the Prince, as claimed, in full use of the situation. Therefore he often visited neighborhood of Chamberi.

When Kate learned about the behavior of a spouse, she abruptly and suddenly broke up with Hanbery and asked William to ensure that “this person” never came into her eyes. It is clear that when Katherine recently saw rose, she was furious. It is not enough that Hanbei was with the Duchess at one event, she was seated at a table not far from Catherine and William. Fortunately, all three have the nerve to behave in public as if everything was in order.

Принц Уильям столкнул лбами свою «любовницу»  с Кейт Миддлтон: «семья на краю разрыва»

Also earlier it was reported that Kate Middleton was worthy of a special for an important meeting. Important powers of the Duchess of Cambridge has given itself the British Queen Elizabeth II. Kate Middleton visited horse guards parade in London. On it as a member of the Royal family, she was present for the first time. And she went to see the parade not just out of curiosity, and was presented to the monarchy.

The parade was an important rehearsal for the British Grand event – the celebration of the 93rd birthday of the Queen. The people of Albion love this holiday, but monarch fits the event very seriously.

The fact that, traditionally, to attend the parade, should one of the members of the Royal family. So, the Queen of this responsible mission is laid on Prince Philip, and two grandsons – princes William and Harry. This year this honor was awarded to Kate.

Recall that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on the verge of divorce.

As reported Politeka, Kate Middleton show off in a spectacular outfit.

Also Politeka wrote that stylist Kate Middleton remembered everything.