Prince Harry throws Meghan Markle before the birth: what happened

Принц Гарри бросает Меган Маркл накануне родов: что случилось

Next week Prince Harry will travel to the Netherlands on a working visit and will likely miss the birth of his first child

34-year-old Prince Henry Charles albert David is forced to leave a pregnant wife for an important Royal Affairs in those days when you just have to be born heir. However, many suspect that he is already born, informs starhit.

Принц Гарри бросает Меган Маркл накануне родов: что случилось

37-year-old Megan Markle is now on the last month of pregnancy. Here-here there will come a day when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will see the long-awaited first child.

But it seems that this treasured moment Prince Harry will have to miss. In the days that predicted the birth of Megan Markle, Duke of Sussex should be in the Netherlands. There’s a man will take part in official events as a representative of the Royal family.

Note that for many, the departure of the Prince at such a crucial moment was the reason to think that Markle had already had. Also the reason for suspicion was the fact that the Duchess of Sussex missed the celebration in honor of the 93 anniversary Elizabeth II, limited to a congratulatory post online. And at the same time a darling of the Prince unexpectedly from the U.S. arrived her mother Doria of Ragland. Previously, Markle said first bath of your child will only trust her.

It is known that the Duchess of Sussex does not appear in public for two months and Parking their country residence long been closed.

“I think the kid is Megan and Harry was already born. The Prince looked so relaxed and happy with Kate at the service in Westminster Abbey,” — concluded fans.

Принц Гарри бросает Меган Маркл накануне родов: что случилось

Most likely, because the Prince is going to go to the Hague.

“Harry would never have dared to be so far away from Megan when nearing childbirth”, — convinced users.

Stealth young parents is understandable. Dukes has repeatedly said that want to raise a child outside the Palace rules. Even going to give heir to study at an ordinary American school.

In addition, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex unsubscribed from all koryakskoe family in Instagram. According to them, it had no malicious intent.

“We want to shed light on a few accounts on Instagram that promote mental well-being, bodypositive, self-care and the importance of human relationships,” explains Prince Harry and Meghan Markle its position.

Recall that Kate Middleton was caught in a drunken state.

As reported Politeka, slender Kate Middleton in jeans and high boots, was officially released from the decree.

Also Politeka reported that Kate Middleton dislike Meghan Markle.