Prince Harry put the gun to his head: “revenge for…”

Принцу Гарри приставили пистолет к виску: «месть за…»

Prince Harry landed in a racist scandal

Radicals called him a “race traitor” because he married a black American actress Meghan Markle.

The Royal court was shocked when the solid material of the respected publication, the air force has a photo collage on which the temple Prince Harry was a gun. Collage was signed: “catch you later, traitor to the race.” In addition, there was the swastika and the bloody divorce, writes the Guardian.

Принцу Гарри приставили пистолет к виску: «месть за…»

The picture was an illustration to the material about the activities of ultra-right groups.

The official representative of the Duke told the press that the news was “very upset his family”.

In the end the BBC had to apologize for what did not warn the Duke and Duchess of Sussex before to distribute materials. In a letter to Prince Harry, the BBC also said that henceforth it would be better to regulate the use of the content so it does not hurt feelings of people, which are cited in the publications.

We will add that the author of the picture is a 19-year-old Michal Shevchuk from Leeds. The guy was sentenced to four years and three months of imprisonment in a colony for minors.

He was found guilty on two counts of terrorism and five counts of storage of materials of a terrorist nature — during a search in his house was found a training manual for militants “al-Qaeda”.

As we wrote earlier, despite the fact that the Dukes of Sussex baptized her first-born son Archie on July 6, neither they nor representatives of the Royal Palace were in no hurry to name the godparents of the child.

The network has repeatedly floated the idea who could be godfather and godmother to the son of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. For example, many expected. That this honorable mission will take on a longtime friend of the Duchess, the controversial tennis player Serena Williams.

Принцу Гарри приставили пистолет к виску: «месть за…»

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However, the choice of the cross was very unexpected. So, according to British tabloids, the honor to baptize Archie had Isabelle Mae.

She was 40 years old. She is the former PR Director of the British brand Burberry. Today Mei works at DB Ventures, which is owned by footballer David Beckham.

The woman also in may last year, was at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Mei helped the Duchess to settle in the UK after marriage and moving from USA.

We will remind that it became known as earned Meghan Markle before her marriage with Prince Harry.

As reported Politeka, Queen Elizabeth II has humiliated the new Prime Minister, a photo spread network.

Also Politeka wrote that famous surgeon caught Kate Middleton on the use of Botox